“Angela has been my trainer and my health and wellness coach for over 20 years. Her extensive knowledge, professionalism and enthusiastic commitment have guided me through cancer and subsequent treatment, a major automobile accident and the general challenges of growing older.

Angela provides challenges for my goals that are tough, but doable, and encourages me to push a little harder and reach higher when she knows I can. She also notices when I need to slow down. Exercise is tailored to my individual limitations and expectations, which makes it much easier for me to stick with my program and achieve results. As a health and wellness coach, she has guided me to reach and maintain healthy habits and daily practices.

Today I am proud to say that with her support, guidance and mentorship, I enjoy a strong body, a positive attitude (mostly ha!) and a healthy lifestyle. I know this means I have to share her, but I whole-heartedly recommend Angela!”

F. Berg

“I have been a client of Angela Carter-Lanon at People Power since May 2015. In the fall of 2014 I had surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon. At that time, I had been working out with another trainer, and when I returned to his studio after sufficient recovery, he suggested ‘moves’ for me that I thought were inadvisable. After checking with my physical therapist and my orthopedist, I discovered I was right.  After searching for a new and more qualified trainer, I found Angela on Thumbtack. She had extensive credentials (degrees in exercise science & sports medicine and a masters in exercise physiology), considerable training experience, and her own studio. I contacted her and had a free (and thorough) evaluation. I have been with her ever since and am immensely grateful for her services.  Angela keeps thorough records of my progress; she ‘changes up’ my exercise routine; she is professional (on time and keeping appointments). My physical condition has done nothing but improve—and I am 74 years old! I recently had a hip joint replacement, and I recovered quickly and smoothly without a single set-back. My internist told me, “You recovered so well and so fast because you’re in such good physical condition. I owe that to Angela.

L. Deusing

“My husband began seeking out a personal trainer for me because I was in a sad state. My doctor diagnosed me with having hypertension. We found People Power! I was a bit skeptical because I wasn’t quite sure if I would be wasting my time because my doctor didn’t seem confident that I could turn this diagnosis around as quickly as I wanted.

I met with Angela, and she assured me that I could meet my goals. Angela is enthusiastic and full of information. Through training, coaching and nutrition education, we created a plan that I could stick to and soon, I decreased my blood pressure to normal numbers!

I will soon meet my three-year anniversary with People Power and in that time I continue to have normal blood pressure numbers, I’ve lost weight, I’m stronger and I have more energy. Angela continues to help me to set weekly goals and meet them. I am grateful for Angela at People Power!”

D. Olden

“As a new client with knee pain and inconsistent exercise habits, I was somewhat leery about Angela’s expectations of me. However, her coaching, coaxing, and encouragement; along with her pleasant personality and “can do spirit”, I am now able to complete full workout sessions without much complaint. My knee is no longer painful, I stronger, I lost visible inches and my buttocks are even firmer! Connecting with Angela and her business has been one of my most positive life experiences and I have greatly benefited from this association. People Power has prompted me to begin this journey!

Thanks Angela – words cannot express how appreciative I am of you and your dedication.”

N. Maddox

“When the doctor said I needed to exercise to prevent further discomfort in my knee, I knew People Power Personal Training was the best place for me. After just a few weeks of training, my knee discomfort was gone and I started to feel other improvements as well. What started out as a short-term commitment for my knee has turned into a long-term commitment for my life. I’m still there. Training with Angela has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my health.”

E. Hampton

“Words cannot begin to express how much we all need People Power Personal Training in our lives. I have been a client of Angela’s since 2016. The moment I walked through the door I knew my family had recommended the perfect gym for me! I have had a few personal trainers in my lifetime and all have felt very cookie cutter and impersonal. That’s definitely not the case with People Power. Every time I step in the gym there is a new workout that seems to be tailored just for me, even in group training sessions! In groups, there are multiple people working out together but we each STILL have our workout for that day specialized for our own personal level. To top it off, it’s fun! The people are amazing and conversations are always GREAT! I added wellness coaching my senior year of college to help me learn how to fit it all in – classes, due dates, working, exercise and healthy eating was a daily challenge, but I did it! If you’re interested in working out somewhere quaint and low key without feeling intimidated by ‘professionals’ surrounding you at the gym – People Power is the place for you! Trust me, I would never steer you in the wrong direction.”

A. Olden

“Initially, my wife bought me personal training sessions as a birthday gift, but we’ve been training for over a year now. Before working with Angela, I had limited range of motion in my shoulders and trouble throwing a ball. Also, due to the physical demands in construction, I frequently had lower back pain as well. Since working with her I have better range of motion, little to no lower back pain and have become much stronger. Her positive attitude encourages me to continue working harder and to be my best. We highly recommend Angela!”

J. Hart

“My trainer keeps me in the game of life! I have reduced my weight, lowered my blood pressure, increased my energy level… and oh yeah, I look better too!”

T. Baker

“Two years ago, after a serious illness, I was left with a disabling weakness. I was unable to hold a glass of water or stand up without assistance. Doctors couldn’t identify a cause and stated that it would take time for my strength to return. I was frustrated until my friend and I began to work with Angela. Since working with her I have better range of motion, little or no back pain and I’ve become stronger. Her positive attitude encourages me to continue working harder to be my best.”

B. Delmenhorst

“My entire life is different due to working with Angela. Her understanding and loving approach allowed me to view myself as a strong woman capable of shaping my body and building it up for maximum use. In less than a year, I have gone from a size 24 to comfortably wearing 18’s. I feel so much better. She has helped me appreciate what being active can do for me!”

W. Johnson-Hall

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