Before We Begin…

Always check with your physician before beginning any new exercise regime.  For your safety and healthy progression, we welcome and appreciate your physician’s recommendations and we adhere to your physicians suggested restrictions. A physicians release may be necessary prior to beginning a safe program.

Free Consultation

Consultations are complimentary and allow you to meet our trainers, peruse our facility, ask questions and discuss your training objectives.

If you’ve been apprehensive about hiring a trainer or beginning a new program, this is your opportunity to get the information you deserve prior to choosing the best approach for you.

Blood Pressure Screening

Knowing your blood pressure is a vital step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing your risk for behavior related diseases, such as hypertension and heart disease. It’s also important for the healthy management of hypertension. Blood pressure screening is always complementary for our clients. Screenings can be administered for you and your group by scheduling an appointment.

Body Composition

This screening is a smart way to beat the discouraging numbers on the scale. Testing takes minutes and can assist you and your trainer in making healthy weight related choices. Results include: Body fat percentage versus lean body mass percentage and healthy recommendations for maintaining your weight or changing it.

Fitness Evaluation

After checking with your physician, a full fitness evaluation is a smart initial step in any fitness journey. The information provided from this evaluation is critical in designing a safe and effective exercise prescription. Evaluations are administered by an experienced Exercise Physiologist and take less than an hour to complete. The following evaluations are included: resting heart rate and blood pressure, initial body weight and body composition, circumference measurements, muscular strength and endurance tests, recovery heart rate following a sub-maximal cardiorespiratory endurance test and flexibility. This step is not only key to program development, but is also instrumental in assessing ongoing improvement and future program progression.  Initial evaluations are included with every personal and or group training package and available at cost thereafter.  Evaluations are encouraged at 12-week intervals to track progress, prevent stagnation and assist with program design and progression.

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