“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.” ~ Bill Gates


You’ve heard all-of-the buzz about life coaches and professional coaches, but what is coaching and what do health & wellness coaches actually do? A health & wellness coach is an expert in the process of health behavior change.  Coaching, in its simplest form is a purposeful conversation. As coaches we listen and then we encourage you to explore your way to success. We work in partnership with you to find  your motivators, enhance personal accountability, set specific goals and take action to achieve and sustain lifelong health-supporting behaviors. Many are surprised at how the power of having someone’s undivided attention and an empathetic ear, can help to navigate a challenge, uncover new approaches or serve as a reminder of just how capable and awesome you really are.

Coaching is about more than breaking a sweat or creating a meal plan. Coaching is about being heard, finally taking ownership of your dreams and having a partner to help you move boldly toward their realization.

Often when the number of changes to be made feels overwhelming or uncertain, coaching is a good place to start. It allows you to be in the drivers seat and decide what’s most important overall and what changes are most appropriate right now. We believe in a trial and learn process, rather than a trial and error process.

Just as personal training is designed to give you the support and expertise you need to help you reach specific fitness goals, coaching is designed to give you the support and encouragement you need to explore and stay on track as you navigate your wellness related goals. These goals may include stress management, eating habits, sleep patterns, being more active, trying something new and other habits that influence you as a well being. With coaching, you set the pace and you choose the goals. YOU are the expert on YOU.

Health and Wellness Coaching Opportunities

For your convenience, coaching sessions are scheduled telephonically unless other arrangements are requested.

Initiation - Free

Here’s your opportunity to get started with an introductory session free of charge. Don’t let the price, or lack there of, fool you. You will select the area that you would like to focus on and we’ll jump right in. If you choose to, we’ll explore your goals and make some initial commitments to reaching them. We’ll also discuss my approach and determine whether we’re a good fit for working together further. Most people begin to feel excited and are energized in as little a one conversation.

An introductory consultation free of charge.

Inspiration - 1 Session - $85

You’re inspired to give it a try! In this 60-90 minute session, we’ll take a deep dive into exploration of your current health and wellness level and what you’d like it to be in the future.  We will identify your personal strengths that contribute to success and we’ll uncover any barriers that pose a potential challenge for you as you move forward. We will talk about your goals and discuss the most appropriate way to move forward.

Initial 60-90 minute wellness coaching planning session

Motivation - $300/month or $80/week EFT

You’re ready for change! Prior to your initial 60-90 minute initial session,  you’ll complete a comprehensive wellbeing assessment. During this 4 week commitment you’ll also schedule 3 additional 30-45 minute follow-up sessions. During our time together will take the time to dream about what you value most. We’ll explore what’s possible in the future. We’ll uncover what you want most and we’ll illuminate what your best life looks like. We’ll discuss your current health and lifestyle. We’ll  design strategies to overcome anticipated barriers and we will set both quarterly and weekly goals to help make your vision a reality. This personal commitment can be made with a monthly or weekly investment.

Wellbeing Assessment

Initial 60-90 minute wellness coaching planning session

Quarterly Goal Design

3 30-45 minute follow-up coaching sessions

Transformation - $800/three months or $300/month EFT

You’ve been thinking about this for a while and you are committed to going the distance! Though there is no set amount of time required to experience progress, a three-month commitment has shown to yield very positive results and growth in multiple areas of change. In addition to what’s covered in the Motivation Package, this package includes a 3-month commitment, 12 30-45 minute follow-up sessions, 2 quarterly goal design and review sessions, unlimited email support and check-ins, and a weekly handouts/materials to support your journey.

Wellbeing Assessment

Initial 60-90 minute wellness coaching planning session

2 Quarterly Goal Design and Review Sessions

Up to 12 30-45 minute follow-up coaching sessions

Unlimited email support

“Check ins” via text or phone calls are welcome

Handouts, tips and supporting materials emailed weekly

Additional Options

For your convenience, electronic funds transfer (EFT) is available. We also accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for all services. Check with your health care benefits advisor for the details.