Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator can increase stamina and caloric expenditure.


Wash Your Car by Hand

Increase daily activity by turning an otherwise sedentary (drive thru) activity into an active one. Use the money you saved for a reward.


Park Farther Away

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain extra steps by circling the lot for the closest spot.

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Carry Groceries One or Two Bags at a Time

Save your fingers the stress of carrying 5 or more bags in each hand. Instead lighten your load and increase your steps.


Walk the Aisles at the Department Store

Turn your routine grocery trip into a power play by taking the longest route to your items.


Practice Your ABC’s

When you’re in a seated position (at your desk, on an airplane or at the red light), rather than slouching, contract your abdominals, squeeze your Buttocks and keep your Chest lifted. ABC’s can help engage muscles and minimize low backpressure.